Be Inspired, Kafayal Secures A Project Management Role With Santander


Words of advise from a very happy DBT Alumni.

Be inspired this morning with yet another success story:ss 2

—————————————————————————Success story after success story for you: although DBT prepares you to apply for the most senior roles in project management and business analysis I kept cautious and applied for a project coordinator role which of course was simple enough to get after being part of projects at DBT.

I constantly refreshed my knowledge with handouts and slides from Basecamp’s knowledge base and started applying for junior project manager roles. I received a call from an agent for a junior project management role at Santander.I had 2 telephone interviews and a face to face within a week and it seemed they liked me more and more every time. Not to be cocky, I still prayed for favour and a week later I was offered the role. A 12 month contract starting in January. I know I can count on you for an awesome reference. Thanks Keji for everything.

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