Be inspired by over 12 Success stories this 1st week of July 2018

It’s barely seven days into July, and we have recorded over eleven amazing success stories already! Candidates are getting their hands dirty and the results have been nothing short of amazing. We even recorded the longest success story ever in the history of Career Insights, that one got us mind blown!

With Career Insights, your career and life will literally change for the better, so long you put in the required work; it is no child’s play but you one that is well worth it.

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We already recorded 10 Success stories in July alone!


Be inspired by thousands of our success stories:

She got a PMO Consultant role, got another offer for a PMO Manager role and this is her 4th contract

Our alumni are making us proud too! He just secured a 25% increase pay rise role

It’s another GDPR role for this candidate!

Six Months on the Job as a Business Analyst and Doing Absolutely Great!

He Just Secured a permanent Role as Head of UX/UI in a Digital Technology company

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