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“Hi Keji,
God desires that His people be blessed in order to bless others. Because God has promised to bless us abundantly, we should be a blessing to others. The more you bless other people and the more you help others, the more God blesses your life. Luke tells us, “Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back – given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity” (Luke 6:38).
In April 2017, God gave me a job I thought I didn’t deserve simply because is an amazing job with overwhelming pay and packages. Up till now, I have the opportunity to work from home as it pleases me. At first, it was 3 day from home and two days on site. As time went by, my manager told me to spend my time working from home as long as we get the job done as a team.
For my current job, due to different time zones, most of what we do is late evening continental meetings with partners from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Holland, Russia, US, Venezuela and Canada. After the meeting, everyone will be tasked with research and presentation of findings for systems and process improvements. Based on these constant demands, my manager is completely happy for me to work from home except I have any presentation to do in the office. The job is amazing. The flexibility of my job gives me the opportunity to become an Oliver Twist.
May God bless Victor Oziabor for supporting me with the Business Strategy meetings when am in my office meeting. Especially Wednesdays where I have to join in late. Victor is so dedicated that I don’t feel worry when the meeting is going on. Thank you Victor.
I got a phone call from this agency regarding this government body which is undergoing full digital transformation. He said he has my CV and if I would like him to put me forward for the role. I told him I already have a job but 85% Work from Home. He said don’t worry we can work that out. I told him to send me the JD so that I can update my CV accordingly and he did within 5 minutes. I sent it back and authorised him to solely represent me for the role. This was in the morning. The afternoon of that same day, he confirmed a telephone interview for the next two days and wanted me to choose the time that is most suitable for me.
On the phone interview day, I came up with my favourite roadmap for a phone interview. The interview was as smooth as rhythms & blues from Smooth FM. You know the feelings you have when something is going the way you want it? you know that? Exactly how I felt. I wanted them to ask more questions for me to analyse. My analysis was full of DBT real life stories from projects.
During the interview, I didn’t want to tell them or overwhelm them with too many projects. I selected 4 projects which we have done and yet to do. I talked on AI Chatbot, Salesforce CRM, Data Centre and our digital transformation initiatives.
The evening of that phone interview, the agency called me and said they want to see me for face to face interview. You know what? I didn’t do any revision. because DBT has put so much in me that I needed somewhere to offload what I know. The only thing I did was to make sure I went through their JD in and out. Ask me any question from my CV, I will tell you the paragraph you are reading from, that I already know.
May God the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit keep DBT alive and give us the strength to support the brave among us, Amen. The brave are those that are hungry for success and play by the rules to achieve it. The weak are those that come to the platform, peep around, doubt everything we do and look for others to take down with them. They leave the platform and come back after few months and start from the beginning again. Why will they start from the beginning? Because we are always moving forward.
Sorry for the digression.
The face to face interview was amazing from the beginning. I don’t advice everybody to do what I did. I did this because I have the means. If you equally have the means, please do the same. I went to T.M Lewis and got a new suit, new shirt and a tie. I told the salesman, “ I need a suit for a professional interview”. So we were both selective with colours. I have suits at home but I decided to look extra sharp for this occasion. It doesn’t matter if you use old suit or new one, my point is all about packaging. First impression matters a lot. Had a decent hair cut with my 38R suit, and holding my new 2018–19 A4 dairy halfway across my chest, I was like a prince in my own world. Come to think of it, this is 18million digital transformation project. You have to look professional.
The beginning of the interview was a small question which I was asked to do and presented to them. I got a pen and paper provided and put my answers in different stages. I did the presentation as if I was on Mentor Plus. They both looked at me and continued writing while I talked them through.
After my presentation came their pool of questions. I answered the questions using both of them as case studies for them to digest my analysis. I explained our DBT Digital Transformation and strategy roadmap. I narrated without reservation our Salesforce CRM implementation, Data Centre, VOIP and current AI Chatbot project. You can imagine how you feel when you know what you are talking about. They are currently using Waterfall and Agile. I gave them an overview of DBT SAFe-Wagile Framework, they were blown away. Please everybody needs to learn and understand that framework
God bless DBT for having Mentor Plus on the platform because the more I research to coach my mentor plus candidates, the more I discover thing to build on. My mentor plus candidates are currently working on a Loan Application System as a task for the group to enhance their knowledge. This same task was another thing I talked about during the interview. When I explained to the interviewers, they said DBT is way ahead of technology based on all my analysis. One of them said, during the phone interview, with all I told them, they thought I was extracting the information from somewhere. Face to face interview blown them away. The guy said “am really impressed” at the end of the interview. I told both of them, “thanks for having me”.
Fulfilment is about productivity. I can’t be productive with a negative mindset. Personally, I have always believe that life is all about commitment to duty. Whatever you do, be committed, show passion and be dedicated.
All I know about business analysis now is from DBT platform. The tools and available resources are mind boggling. I learn by keeping quiet (listen) and talking (teaching others) at the same time. When you find yourself in a platform like DBT and unable to achieve your objectives, it means you didn’t set any objective in the first place. I have checked everywhere online and offline I am yet to find a platform like this. You have the opportunities, landing in front of you without you being reminded that opportunity comes but once.
The opportunities are the human resources we have on the platform. The hot brains from CEO to DCoE. Everyone is innovative and willing to make impact. Look at the industry standard tools we have cum recorded videos. What about the sponsor, PO and Digital Business Strategy meetings we have on the platform. Tell me, where else have we seen this kind of opportunity? They used to say; lazy men always blame their tools. In DBT, the tools are not ours, so who do we blame?
God bless Oluwabunmi Docemo. Oluwabunmi made videos and left them for the Business Strategy Department, just the way parents keep properties for their children. Why do parents do that? So that the children will not lack or suffer the way they do. Individually, everyone has the right of primogeniture to Oluwabunmi’s recordings. We are not in a position to complain at all at all.
All the training we have on the platform come from left and right. Some people complain why others with the means pay and get on with it. That is the reality of life. If you truly don’t have the means to pay for training, I sincerely feel and share your plight. However, if you do have the means to pay for training and think everything is all about money here, I refuse to weep because you fail to know what the ROI is to you. The knowledge you will gain is like iroko tree (Iroko is a large hardwood tree from the west coast of tropical Africa that can live up to 500 years) that never withers.
Keji, my prayer for you is for Good health. May God continues to grant you Good health as he always do.
My appreciation goes to my boss, Ola Ememerah for her unfading support for this platform. A true product of God. Ola is a colleague, friend, sister and a mentor to all of us on this platform.
Oyinua! God created you on a full moon. I wish I could convince you to contest for Nigeria president. This generation will have renewed hope. Thank you for your passion in everything you do.
Mr Femi Adedoyin! what can I say about your strength and passion for authenticity? You remind me of the Yoruba Poem; Elephant. The elephant is praised for its size and strength, each attribute being vividly described. We done for man.
Sandra Malanda, Oludare and Caroline Namdi, I praise all of you for your dedication. DBT is blessed to have you all.
I must remember to say a big thank you to Caroline Aluko and Adore Shuko for your spirits and dedication to this organisation. Both of you are blessings to DBT.
To all the candidates, I came to DBT without a job, as we speak, I have two amazing jobs. Please take the third one before I go for it.
Thank you all and God bless”

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