Bello Adano Secures Consultant Business Analyst Role

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“Good evening Keji, sorry it’s taking me a while to put my success story together.. I have been celebrating here’s the full story

My name is Bello Adano and here’s my story: Rotimi is my mentor Supreme, She has kept me on track , motivated and guided my development, I feel blessed to have been and continue to be part of your team.

I Joined DBT in September 2015 after coming across careerinsight while searching for work experience nearly a year earlier and also following recommendations by two of my good friends that have gone on to secure jobs after going through the system. I attended my training in Manchester and started working on Projects, going through the videos straight away. I had this hunger to explore the Business analysis area exhaustively, I will call into meetings: project meetings, Sponsors, BA Department meetings, whatever was going.

I first joined CSI complaint management, which was a CRM-project where I met the likes of Rotimi and Paul and a few others all very helpful and supportive. I continued to volunteer for task wherever possible. And got my first major role at the end of 2015 as BA Tech lead on HT-Focus, A great project where I met some of the most amazing minds in the business and had a very close knit Management team helping each other wherever possible and learning together, we were like a little family. Special thanks in no particular order to Bunmi Docemi, Marufah Alao, Karo Agbure, Lawrence Fatona, Emma Palmer, Ursula, Serge Nyang, Monsurah, Chidi, Kenneth Johnson and last but not the least Caroline Santos who has been very supportive and my unofficial mentor, She continued to encourage me to keep going has helped tremendously with my interview preps, she taught me the importance of looking the part and attending interviews with a Swag, I am very grateful Caroline.

A big thank you to my ES-Web revamp crew, thanks for giving me a chance to be part of the team: Kem O, Joba M, Nkechi O and Irene.
I have also participated in other projects like BMP-in-house, Es-Spotlights(prematurely halted) and the revolutionary Eagle-eye project. Massive thanks to everyone I haven’t mentioned.

I first interviewed for this role as far back as July, at that Point there wasn’t a position, it was just a chat with the Group BA lead(my future Boss), I met her at the London office after a referral by a friend of mine that works as a developer for the company, we initially had a phone interview and then a face to face. It was hard preparing as I didn’t really have any job spec to work with, so I had to cover all angles and believe me she did ask certain questions to test my experience!!!
I thought it went ok and my friend confirmed that to be the case, so we started negotiating salary, then I had another interview with A Senior Business Architect who was highly regarded at the company and lastly she put forward a business case to employ me and that was approved by the board and the rest is history.

My Official job title is Consultant Business Analyst- Tech and Integration, and the salary including bonuses, benefits and annual training package waow! This is the stuff dreams are made of… I will like to take this opportunity to thank some special friends and colleagues I met along the line; Chidi Nwabueze who did help immensely with my interview prep and showed me how to tell my story professionally with a structured approach, completely elevating my confidence, Bola Sanni for detailed information about dealing with interviewers and contract negotiation, Bola Faj for sharing his experience and tremendous encouragement.

I would say everything we are learning here is relevant and to truly try and understand why we do things and do it correctly. I have never heard or known anything like this platform, it is truly Amazing!!

Here’s is a few tips that has helped:

• Conduct a thorough personal needs assessment and skills Gap analysis
• Make effective use of the resources & materials on eworkexperience, basecamp, confluence etc
• Ask questions and get In the habit of doing your research, as Keji says you have to be in the Know
• Contact and learn from successful colleagues on the platform or externally, as that is the quickest way to be successfull ‘find out their lessons learnt’
• Network Network Network! As it turned out this role was never advertised so I had no competition, and only my second interview.
• Lastly do not hesitate to go the extra mile to achieve your dreams
Finally I will like to thank Mr Keji Giwa for the Idea of DBT and careeringhts, and your continuous innovative approach to re-engineering the business, you are truly blessed.
Many thanks everyone let’s keep rolling in the mud, I am looking forward to celebrating your stories together.
God Bless”


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