Bernard Secures A Specialist Planning Engineer Role With GEO Oil & Gas

NewImageHi Keji,

This is to formally inform you that I just got an offer as Specialist Planning Engineer (Subsea) in GE Oil & Gas, Aberdeen. I remember walking through that Curved Serviced Office door on 11th of November, 2013 (oh!, that was just last month), with so many questions on my mind about project management. Although I have read some books in PM prior to enrolling for the one week intensive training, I knew I still needed some explanations and practical knowledge of Project Management. That was why I had to sacrifice my time (one week) and money (course fee, transportation to and fro Aberdeen – London, transportation within London and hotel bills for one week) to listen and learn from the professionals (Keji and Ayo) that have been there before me.

asdadasdaNow, I can say that the sacrifice paid off well and I never thought it would be that soon. Keji you remember a question I asked you during the training about what to do on your first day in a new office? I asked this question when you were teaching us PMO Framework. That question opened the stage for my to discuss about PMO framework and how it relates to Project Management in the Oil and Gas. I also talked about MOSCOW, RAID and Requirement gathering methodologies. These were what set me apart from other competitors. All I can say is thank you Boss.

And to my colleagues, I really want to encourage you all. Keep learning and keep getting your hands dirty. The truth is that everything you have been taught at career insights is no different from what is used in the real world. What you are learning right now is a “TOOL BOX’ with it you can work on any projects in any industry. Although what you are learning in DBT is tailored to the IT industry, the fact remains that you’ve got the tools, use it in any domain you may so please – no limitations. I am a living example.

Once again, Thank you Keji for your help. I really appreciate.

warm regards

Bernard Dibia



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