February 2014: Bola Secures A Project Manager Role In Florida

logo_rnr_upMy name is Bola Bankole, I have completed my first degree in Engineering but shortly towards the end of programme, I developed interest in Project Management. I made a few inquiries about the programme and decided to study in the UK. After my masters I couldn’t get a Project Management job. After 12 months of constant rejection I completely lost confidence and knowledge about Project Management. I have already stopped trying when I found Career Insight through Facebook and after reading so many success stories, I got inspired to try and see what happens. I enrolled for my training in October and met Keji in person.  After a few minutes into the training I knew this is it!!!.

I was really enjoyed the way the training was delivered with a sense of personality in grand style. The examples were real life scenarios that everyone can relate to and much more importantly the pride that comes with the knowledge. I must at this point quote one of Keji’s  saying during the training “Average doesn’t pay the bill….” That really challenged me to push beyond average.

Keji finished the training by naming 2014 as year of unprecedented success which I quickly connected to….long story short; I started applying again and developed my confidence in Project Management. Today I have secured a role with an Industrial Design and Engineering company in Florida as a Project Manager. A testimony to God’s grace, hard work and Career insight… Thank you Keji am glad we met.


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