Bots Are Here And They Are Coming For Your Jobs.

Guess what? There is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

You can choose to become extinct or you can choose to evolve.

No more dancing while you wait on hold. No more touchtone dialing. And probably a lot less support staff too. Most likely, you’ll have a prompt to get someone to call you if you really need to talk to someone in person—but who likes talking on the phone these days?



We are keeping up with the Jones and over here at Digital Bananas Technology, we are creating our very on bots for our eWorkexperience platform. Automated responses to your technical issues and you’ll never know you were talking to a robot, creating a seamless user experience.

It’s a work in progress. Check out our bot on Telegram.

The project team working on this are called: DBT – CI FAQ BA Team

You can also be a part of this project as an aspiring project manager or business analyst 

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