Can You Imagine This?


Imagine a 1700+ Eco system of project management and business analysis professionals where candidates are securing life changing jobs almost on a daily basis because of their relentless commitment to their very own personal development while learning on the job.

10405653_10152966326639043_8768230789666795211_nImagine a collaborative development environment where the latest industry standard tools are used daily to analyse, manage, monitor and control live innovative projects.

Imagine a consistent and constant daily mentoring and coaching program, on the job hands on training with the full support of experienced staff members.

Imagine a professional CV writing service second to none, guaranteed to secure you calls from recruiters.

Imagine a robust and fully comprehensive interview coaching session that preps you and gives you a competitive edge over your peers.

10407181_10152966326694043_9172705297399791541_nImagine the reputation of our parent company on your CV as innovators and pioneer within the digital space.

Imagine receiving that phone call to confirm you have secured the role you already knew you smashed at the interview stage.

Imagine the unbeatable offer they give you because they know they just can’t afford to lose a valued professional like yourself.

Now stop imagining. It’s a reality with Career Insights and it’s all for the taking.

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Meet Otillia, one of best performing candidates turn project manager, turn mentor and now trainer.
She joined us early Jan 2014, 8 weeks later she secured a PM role with Queens Mary university, 3 months later she started mentoring and training existing candidates.

We pay up to £400 a day to train and mentor our candidates and you can one day join our promising team.

Empowering our candidates to empower others is something we are pretty good at doing here.

It’s hands on and practical with the reputation to lift you up from mediocre to exceedingly exceptional.

Trainers train but leaders & mentors empower and create leaders in their field.

Who would you rather be trained by, a trainer or a leader and mentor in their field.

Iron sharpens iron. It’s not exactly rocket science but to create a rocket you have to understand the science, making rocket science much much easier to understand.

Call us on 0203 793 7731 OR 0203 793 7732

Meet Olyne, she joined our intensive training program early 2014 and decided to stay on as a trainer and mentor after gaining practical work experience with us.

10896884_10152965913264043_4397970308169772677_nShe used to be a teacher and still had a strong passion for teaching.

She got her hands dirty working on a variety of projects from ecommerce application development, native mobile apps, eLearning tools to salesforce CRM systems.

It wasn’t long before we realised she was becoming a great asset as she focused on further developing her Business analysis skills. Today she has helped hundreds of our candidates secure life changing roles as Business analysts and last week she got an offer from another company and now she is finally leaving us.

1511058_10152965913309043_4827423227348676226_nAre we sad to see her leave? Most definitely but she will always be part of the DBT family and she is still going to be available to train and mentor out candidates in her spare time which she will continue to get paid for.

So where am I going with all this?

Go find me a training centre that can give you the hands on training, practical work experience on live innovative projects, daily mentoring, coaching and support until and even after you have secured a job. Anyone can train but not everyone can empower.

While you are at it, find out if you will be hired by them as a reward for your hard work and be paid by them until you secure your ideal role.

1610869_10152965913384043_8743236250864639856_nDon’t forget to ask for hard evidence of successfully deployed projects which you can be proud to put on your CV with a reputable company as your reference known by a great deal of recruitment agents.

Projects like:

In 2012, Grant My Wish was shortlisted for the 2012 innovation awards.

You can’t put a price on what you do here.

Getting paid while improving yourself until you get your ideal PM or BA role.

Today our classes are fully booked. January 2015 weekend intensive session if now closed. Only two weekly intensive class are available in January.

Call now to book for February 2015.

You’ve seen the results. This month alone, over 20 of our candidates have secured life changing BA and PM roles and we are still counting.

You are either on the train to your destination, waiting for others to arrive there first or complaining about the train fare.

Either way only those on the train will get to their destination. Others will only hear of and read about their success.

Let your success be what others are reading and not you reading about other people’s successes.

Winners don’t have time to wait it complain. They just get on with in. They are too focused on results.

Which one are you going to be?

Call us now on: 0203 793 7731 OR 0203 793 7732


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