Candidate Secures PMO Officer Role with NHS

PMO Analyst Success story

“Hi Keji,

My Success story…….. I joined DBT end of April 2016. I had plan to go on holiday to Nigeria at that time but I just thought I should use the money towards CI training as I have been contemplating on joining CI for like 2 years. I did my research on CI and Almond Career and thank God for the spirit of Discernment, I settled for CI.

I joined CI and immediately strategies on how I was going to manage my workload as I work full time and have 2 young boys.

I joined DigiAfric- WAMCO project as the Deputy BA Lead, I also joined CI-Empire and as well as the QA team and some other projects like MOF and NDIC.

I went through the HT-Focus project and learnt all I could from their repository on Basecamp. I gave Wamco my 100%, I wasn’t attending any social functions, I was always glued to my laptop and my son complained that even though I am in the house but it doesn’t feel that way as I am always on the computer, lol.

It got to a point that I couldn’t cope anymore I thought I was going to breakdown, I had to step down from my Lead role on the Wamco Project and I also resigned at work as I had to give 2 months notice and no one would hire me and have to wait for 2 months anyway.

I started applying and got several calls from agencies, I got a job offer 2 weeks ago with the NHS (it is 2 bands higher than the band I was but I turned down the job offer because the hiring manager won’t meet my salary expectation.

I went for 2 interviews today, the 1st interview was fabulous, the project managers were impressed and they said I have got vast knowledge on project management.
The second interview was with the NHS, as Project Support Officer, it is a contract role. I answered all the questions and I wowed them with the Digital marketing strategy stuff I have learnt from Wamco. At the end of the interview, the IT Programme Manager said they do not have a PMO Office and he will like to give me a blank sheet and ask if I would set up their programme office and I would be a *SME* on that as he knows nothing about it. He said they were going to review my daily rate, increase it and get back to me. I was hired on the spot.

I will like to thank God Almighty, my help in ages past and my hope of years to come, I do not deserve this but God found me worthy, I bless his Holy name.

Shout out to my lovely husband and children for the sacrifice they all had to make to give me a decent career.

My mentor is The Smart One-Jide, thanks for your mentoring and all your support, may God bless you, You are Amazing
My other mentor is a DBT Alumni Mo Dairo, who kept encouraging me when I was about to give up.

I will also like to thank my lovely Wamco family… Nelly, Iyabo, Nasir, Olayinka, Folakemi, Essie, Dele, Ope, Aderonke. I love you all.

I have learnt a great deal from Jide, Adeshola, Mallay, Micheal Jackson, Oludare, Olubunmi Decemo, Adore, Caroline, Olabisi, Jerry, Banks and all the senior BAs and Brenda from the programme office and all the lovely DBT friends I have forgotten to mention. Thank you guys. Thanks to Mary, Phebian, Joyce, Nancy, Ade and all my April 2016 set as well.

And finally Godfather Keji, may God continually bless you and grant you wisdom to keep changing lives. You are a super star!

To my fellow DBT candidates, keep applying, researching and putting in your 100%. I have had interviews with Canon, Capgemini, Highways England, Lloyds register, RSSB, Pinnaca and the Rank Group with no luck, but the more interview I attend, the better I get at answering questions. Please apply directly to companies and you will get higher chance of an interview. Don’t give up, your success story is around the corner.”


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