Candidate Contract Renewed With Current Place Of Work

This is what he has to say:


Hi Keji, continuation of my success story. Well now success stories, as my contract as Business Intelligence/Performance Analyst has just been extended. Signed a new contract today. Thank God for our one and only Career Insights

Nice one Keji. Honestly what we have in DBT is one of a kind. It remains our DBT for ever because you are not just there for the purpose of getting a job but for a life changing experience. By establishing DBT you are changing family experience and giving us the opportunity to shape our individual destiny. Every CI candidate is more confident compared to their past. Since joining DBT, I just wish if I could revise my life to start now. DBT remains our Coca Cola, a brand that will never die. You’re now making leaders not opportunity to just get a job. I remain a true DBT advocate.


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