Candidate Experiencing Exponential Growth In 2016


If this does not inspire you to make 2016 your year of exponential growth, I don’t know what else will.

As we prepare to move into a new year, I want you to take the bull by the horn and make reality what has always been a dream.

Why do we host hundreds of successful candidates each year to a glamorous and prestigious black tie event?

Is it because we’ve got so much money to burn or for a reason that goes beyond profits, awareness and exposure.bb1

Here at Career Insights, we believe the lives we transform should be celebrated and rewarded mainly because we know what it takes to go out there and gain new skills, work long hours after work while holding down a full time job and still not get paid for it just because you want a change in career in project management or business analysis.

If Career Insights can transform your life, then let the DBT Awards ceremony reward you for excellence. That’s what is all about. It’s our way of rewarding excellence and celebrating the success to our candidates.

We started the first award ceremony in 2014 solely to celebrate all those who secured life changing roles in that year (who does that?) however we also celebrated nominees and people who emerged as winners for giving 110% on the projects they worked on regardless of if they had secured jobs or not.

Some of these nominees and winners hadn’t secured roles by the time we held the first award ceremony last year but something spectacular happened right after.

These candidates started adding the following to their CVs as they became even now more inspired to succeed:

“Nominated for the best PM at the DBT Awards”

“Award Winning Business Analyst”

“Award Winning Project Manager”

“Award Winning PMO Analyst”

Within weeks these nominees and winners started securing job offers because they had the experience and the awards to show for it.

Now that was in 2014. You wouldn’t think the same would happen in 2015 would you but here you go…

The DBT Awards Ceremony is no longer for those who secured life changing roles, it’s also now an accelerator for securing your first and next role.

Check out this nominee’s success story right after the 2015 DBT Awards

Modupe Yusuf

Hi went for an interview today for a BA role with one of the big UK universities in the Midlands, 1 hr after driving home, picked up a message from the recruitment agency that put me forward for the role, with very excellent feedback. That they were very impressed with my presentation and the interview and would like to offer me the job. I will get full confirmation and visibility hopefully by tomorrow and possible write a proper success story.

Just thought i should mention it to you quietly for now till i hear back regarding the offer. Thanks a lot

I believe, i held on to, a statement you made about people being nominated and possibly winning at the DBT awards ceremony, then getting jobs a few weeks following and its actually worked because i kept holding on to that.

Thanks am glad I did not listen to critics before joining CI. Will send a proper story soon

Got the offer email now and an invitation for an away day to meet the team . Official start date Jan 2016


My friend, iron sharpens iron and birds of the same feather flock together here at Career Insights.

A bird at hand is better than 10,000 in the forest.

If you don’t like where you are right now in your career, start rolling with those who are thriving in theirs and willing to help you with yours.

It’s time you stop questioning wondering if it’s possible for you and start asking why not you too.

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