Candidate Secures A Program Lead Role


Hi Keji, I joined your wonderful training program 2014, my first role was a deputy planner which we all know it has to deal with Data Management and my background is engineering, I kept looking up to my lead which helped me a long way . Then, opportunity came for me to join Program Office which I became Coordinator/ PMO Analyst and I started understanding lots about the whole system after finished from the office I joined ES – Project where I became a Lead Planner of a project, not very long I got a project manager role at the same ES with Femi Adedoyin.

It was during this period I secured my first role as a Project Support Officer, this was the beginning of my highlight, I met a lot of people out there shortly an opportunity to cover for PMO analyst came for me. I did all my best to learn fast and impress my team.

I started applying for Program Lead, few calls came in but no interview and I still remain on platform on daily basis, since I understood that I have to get hold of many projects to perform at program level, my strategy was to know many projects to make up of my portfolio of programs.

People see me on platform, I shared my CV to those that came across me that they’re not even getting a call because I believe in helping others you’re helping yourself.

I had telephone interview about three weeks ago and last week the director of the company called me that he’s going to send me some questions that I need to answer or bring for my interview, I called on a friend like a brother now and we both prepared it which I handed over at the interview. I happened to be the only small Lady among these spot on guys but I wasn’t bothered about their look as I have been trained to believe in my self.

Then the time ticking and we were told that we’ll be doing SWOT Analysis of a particular project. I remembered Keji this time and I had a deep breadth and I started with all the cogent points, Competitors, Finance, Companies with the same Idea and well trained staffs.

I didn’t read about it guys but several meetings which this has been mentioned.
On Monday I had a call they said I should check my mail to sign some docs and return it back, today I got a call that I have been offered the role as during the presentation my points were the most significant that measured success criteria to the company, I felt like I was dreaming and I was told to check my mail.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank quite some people that whom without them I might not able to climb this fast, Firstly to God Almighty for His love that encompasses me till today, Adore Shuko which happened to be the product owner of my project that taught me Requirement Elicitations from top stakeholder like her which would take her precious time to go through my plan till pass midnight. Caroline powerful director that knows what she’s doing perfectly. To Chinyere IBEH I owe you a big salute, Femi Adedoyin you’re fantastic, to a wonderful woman OLA Inekuku, OLA Emmemerah that would help me speed up sign off deliverables from Oyinua and to a wonderful planner director that taught me planning.

DBT is a wealth of opportunity my plan was to become anything within management; Planner, PM and Program level and I was able to explore all these under this wonderful umbrella of Keji.

My advice to everyone is to be determined, believe in yourself, stay focused and learn it well, don’t be half baked be full one and you’ll definitely earn it all pretty soon than you might think.

May God Almighty bless you Keji and you shall continue to grow in capacity beyond measure.


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