Candidate Moves Up the Career Ladder At Current Place of Work

Imagine getting a notification at your current place of employment, notifying you of your newly appointed role. A promotion that gets a smile and surprise just like this one.That’s what happened to one of our candidates today.

Check it out:

Hey Keji.
Don’t know if that falls under success stories but I have been promoted to Client Service Manager in my company. All credits to DBT because I have been a ruthless candidate who’s got the job over my own supervisor(9years experience), I have only one year experience in the company.
Thanks again and I will be back in DBT next week.

Meeting with clients and giving then status updates on feature requests, bugs etc

Then take the same report and go to the developers

And prioritise etc

I am a certified scrum master too
All those things above were learned in DBT
I am even adding graphs to our status report so it looks like the raids report in dbt
I can go on and on keji

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