Candidate Gets Two Major Job Offers Within a Week- Programme Officer Role and Offer in Nuclear Industry with PhD Study Benefit

practical work experience

“Here is my success story……
I have been offered 2 different roles in the space of 1 week: one a Programme Officer and the other role is a 2in1 ( that comes with a PhD opportunity in a Nuclear industry).
I joined DBT mid September 2015 after much conviction. Had my week intensive training in London and immediately joined the Oscar Awards project.

I started off taking minutes, anchoring raids an then moved into writing reports ( a part I enjoyed most).

Then sometime late last year I got my first role as a PM for the CM-Exodus 2 project which was halted at some point. However due to the great wrk done by my team, Keji appointed my team to manage CM-Empire project. I managed the project but had to step down to give someone else the opportunity and to manage some personal situations that came up at that time.

To summarise, I was almost loosing confidence as I have had so much interviews ( at some point I was having interviews week after week) and getting a NO was not easy to chew. However the interviews helped build my confidence (for those that know me, I’m very soft spoken and shy). I even went into hiding from my mentor, mama hawk because I was tired of constantly giving her negative outcome but I didn’t stop pushing and learning.”


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