Candidate secure a GDPR Data Mapping Analyst role — Our 41st success story in July!

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This is our 41st success story of the month of July:

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Hi Keji. I thought I might as well add my success story to the many in this month of July. Please keep me anonymous on all platforms. This will be my second success story.
I joined DBT in May 2017. Worked hard as usual and got a success Story in December 2017 — a permanent role. At the time, my strategy was simply get into this BA industry, learn the ropes and then break out into contracting. There are a few things about the words you speak that resonate with this success story.
The first is: ‘You can’t have a success story without having a story to tell’. Its impact is about knowing yourself and creating the person that is the fit for the role advertised. It helped with my first role, and it certainly helped in this. I personally think you don’t explain it enough. It took me a while to understand its significance. Thank God I eventually did.
The second is this: ‘Your net worth is linked to the net worth of your network’. Why is this significant in this story? The opportunity and the internal push was all done by a couple of friends from years ago, one of whom I have not even seen for 3 years. My current cv was reviewed by a friend who is now a director of client acquisition at his firm. These are people whose paths I have crossed in the past, and who together individually and collectively ensured that I moved up the ladder. The saying: no man shall be left behind truly applies to this case.
I will like to thank God, and again this wonderful platform. Special thanks to XXXXX and XXXXXX XXXXXfor responding when I reached out to them whilst prepping for the interview. It’s a GDPR Data Mapping Analyst role in a financial institution, so yes, I can finally breathe.
To all those left on the platform, I say believe. But don’t believe without works. Work hard, make friends, let your voice me known, network. One day, all those things will combine in your favour. Wish you all well.
They might be contacting you for a reference though they have not requested one from me yet.

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