Candidate Secures Two BA Job Offers With British Council And Essex County Council

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Let’s drink to her success.

Hi Keji,

I should have shared my success story a while ago now, but as they say “it’s better late than never!!” First and foremost, I give Almighty God the utmost praise and glory for my journey so far.

I joined Digital Bananas Technology after my training in May 2015 and got involved in various projects – Transcend Cartoon/Phoenix/Money train/Transformers/ ES Projects doing what I love most – BA . I took on varied roles, started as a BA facilitator/BA Tech Deputy/ BA Business Lead as well as BAU Lead. I was so keen to get involved I even dabbled into some PM action in the bid to get “my hands dirty” and soak up as much as I could. Did it pay off? Yes I believe it did!!

When I felt I was ready to apply for roles, I put my CV out there and started job hunting. I attended some job interviews and amazingly, just around the same time, I was offered not only one but two Business Analyst roles, one with British Council and the other at Essex County council. My only dilemma was, one was permanent and the other contracting(very good rate I must say!!). I finally went for the permanent though because for me, it ticks all the boxes at this point in time i.e. vast exposure,continuous personal development etc..
In addition, I have been so humbled to be selected as a nominee in one of the categories for the DBT Awards 2015.God is good. Does hard work and perseverance pay?? Yes it does. I believed and it happened for me!!. It can and will happen for you. Believe!!!!

To conclude, my story cannot be complete without mentioning just some of the amazing people I have met. I would like to thank my mentor Toyin Ajayi and Adeshola Cole for their awesome assistance in prepping me. You both are amazing!!! I would definitely recommend you guys anytime. Thanks Ola(Snr BA),for your guidance,thoughtful and encouraging words. Big thanks to my DBT family, Joyce A,Nike O, Patience A,ES Project Team,Email Marketing Project Team,BAU Team(you know yourselves u guys rock!!)

Thanks Keji for creating a platform for people to live the lives they could only dream of. I am happy to become one of them.

BA Business Lead
ES – Email Marketing Project

I would appreciate keeping my name anonymous. Thanks.

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