Candidate Secures 2-in-1 Supplier Manager/BA Role using our eWorkexperience Platform

“Hello, how has your day been? Pls I need to talk to you and it urgent. I have got good news.
I just got a contract and need to talk to you about it
CITB , construction industry training board.My agent offered £300 a day after the face to face interview but today she promised a review because they were excited about my performance.
I applied for the post of supplier manager, they are going through digital transformation and they needed someone who is in tune with that. During the telephone interview I mentioned I work for Dbt as a Business analyst, they were excited as They also needed a junior business analyst to start next January. So I have got 2 in 1.


I was really broke, I couldn’t afford the ticket, I kept reading ur early morning messages. I knew it will happen for me. I kept on congratulating others. I knew mine will come. Thanks for all the encouragement
Since last month, there is hardly any good news story I don’t congratulate
I will write my success story and send once I get the final contract hopefully this evening or tomorrow”
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