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Hi, Keji

Im not sure this is my success story yet, but I have secured a role has a Bid Administrator with randstad which i will start on the 29 of Feb. During the interview they were interested in my role at dbt and were impressed, i took an assessment in which the second part was project management based in which i had to place a project plan in a calender, i did well in this thank God to what i was exposed to on the projects i was involved in in However they are now asking me to provide a reference and I would like to ask if I can use dbt has a reference.

The role is not entirely a project role or Business analyst role has i wish but my aim is to gain some months experience, get back on dbt too, so that i can have more chance or securing this role. However I am grateful at this stage because my first time securing a 20k role, and had started a patient transport driver role in nov 2015 which ive been eager to leave and doing just to make ends meet.
But just need help with the reference part for this one has they just need a name and address, thank you for this

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