Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Consulting Role


And here it is……

Hello Keji. I got offered a role as a BA Consultant . My story and journey through DBT. I joined last May and have subsequently worked on two projects. I have since learned a lot from your platform. As a professional looking for a career change, DBT gave me the focus areas on what I needed to know and do in my transitioning into a BA.

I mentored under Adesola. She is a star 🌟 and good at what she does. No spoon feeding which is great. She provides you with the right information needed, reassures you and follows up on progress.

You have a great platform and I commend you for the vigour you throw at the platform. To my colleagues on the platform still searching for that role, all I can say is keep at it, there is always one job out there that is for you. Thank you. My name is A wish to remain anonymous.

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