Our Top Mentor Does It Again! Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role

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Another Success Story.

Hi Keji

My success story finally.
I graduated last year and knew immediately that I wanted to get into business analysis. However, it was difficult to even secure internships as I lacked relevant experience. I also got put off doing the relevant BA exams because I didn’t want to spend extra money doing these courses and still get hit with the no experience barrier.

It’s funny because joining Career Insights was a project in itself and gaining relevant work experience was a high level requirement. The objective was to secure a role in less than six months.

After calling into several meetings I decided to join the Tech Phoenix 2 team and this is where I really got my hands dirty, under the brilliant management of very own mama hawk (Adeshola Cole) and the fantastic hawk family who made the experience worth it. Securing the planner role on CI referrals project helped me to challenge myself even further and get involved from a managerial perspective.

Special thanks again to Adeshola Cole for mentoring me through the application process and getting my CV polished.

I got my success story after just my second BA interview with the first company wanting me to speak with the CEO.

Lastly, thanks to Keji for building this truly innovative platform which has equipped me with invaluable skills and long lasting relationships.

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