What’s Going On? Candidate Secures A Project Manager Role


Are you wondering how the months have flown by so quickly and things haven’t really changed that much with your career and finances?

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Especially when we literally have a month left to 2016….

Well… she isn’t

She wants everyone to read her success story:

Good evening please I want you to publish my proper success story to encourage someone out there I joined DBT in April and before my training ended I started getting my hands dirty by taking minutes in CI Referral 2& Phantom ,And then I took up a role as minutes team lead in transcend cartoon,and afterwards I was made the BA Tech Lead in Transformers and I decided to get a rounded knowledge I applied for planner role with the ES Bank,I was then made a project manager in ES Web governance Project. I took my personality test and it confirm what I have always known that I was a hybrid professional

Before I joined DBT I didn’t know anything about Business Analysis or Project Manager and a very basic knowledge of Microsoft office Suite,I learnt all while actually working on projects day and night,most time up to 2am.I first got an interview with Accenture for An IT BA role and was successful at all level of interview but did not receive an offer before I got this project manager role but in both cases what stood me out from other candidates was my understanding of both Business Analysis and Project management.

I have alot of people to thank both Mentors and team members who have contributed immensely to this journey pls don’t be offended my people if I don’t mention ur name,A big thanks to Rotimi Ige who took out her time to mentor and encourage me even though I was not on her list,Toyin,Dan,Olyne,Vijay,Adeshola and Otillia all of you are stars and Iam forever grateful . Transformers team,especially Claire ,Desola and Modupe ur success story is sure,ES Web governance team especially Kemi and Femi who believed in me and appointed me project manager Mavis,Andy,Gbenga,Princewill and Chioma all superstars and of course Chris Alamiyo from transcend cartoon,my first family at DBT and Training partners progress team,you all rock.Not forgetting The Boss Keji,I listen to your video over and over again, Adore and Caroline couldn’t have hoped for better stakeholders,Foluke,Ola and Oyinua God bless you all richly for changing my story for the best.

A little bit of advice for those who are out there and still contemplating on joining pls do it will be the best decision u ever made however be ready to work really hard,and for all those who are already in the platform and is yet to get there story pls keep getting ur hands dirty and aligning urself with serious positive people who have the same goals as u,I did not know anybody mentioned above b4 I came to DBT and I tell after I was confident of my skills I started applying and the calls just keeps coming from all the big companies IBM,BBC and when Sandra’s Success Story came in and of course Kemi I knew that mine was on the way cos i have worked day and night with them. Once again boss thank you.


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