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Good afternoon keji. I have just been offered a Business Analyst role.
I want to say a big thank you for making this possible for me.. I will take time to tell my story properly but the letter I got says the offer is conditional upon completion of satisfactory pre employment checks.

My mentor is Olyne and she been incredible to I and her mentees

My success story is a long one but I am going to try and make it as short as possible.
I got offered the role of a Business Analyst today.
I joined DBT mid last year and set a target for myself to get a job before the end of the year but it didn’t happen like I planned..
I carried on working on projects and getting my hands dirtier.. In January I knew I was ready to apply but again the confidence was lacking, I had to work on my confidence and got involved in more projects, after moving to the new platform My mentor Olyne started grilling me.. her favourite question was ‘Tell me about yourself’ which I always mumbled around. Today I have my story and I am so grateful to her and everyone that has been involved in this journey.
I want to say a big thank you keji for this great platform and to the entire DBT family.
I know people say it everytime is a great platform.. I can comfortably say it is.. I am that girl that shies away from presenting which by the way was what I had to do to get this job, I am that girl that gets calls from agencies and goes into panick mode and if I can do it, trust me You Can. Keep going and never stop. Our success story is a race.. You keep moving until you get to your destination.
Thanks again Keji.. pls I will like to remain anonymous for now.

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