Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With A Software Company


Guess what?

Our candidates have done it again…

“Hi Keji, I have just been offered a BA role at a software company. It was a role that I had earlier applied for before joining CI but couldn’t get past the telephone interview stage. The story was different this time around as CI had given me so much practical work experience that I became so confident and knowledgeable that I was actually correcting the interviewer on the Agile process. They were very impressed with my range of skills and tools I had worked with – all gained from working on CI projects.

First of all, I give God all the glory but I want to especially thank Ola for her tireless support-literally night and day she was always on hand to help and guide you. She would force you to think as she would ask you probing questions that would enable you work out the answers for yourself thus making you own your answers. God help you if you go to her with a question without first consulting Google and Basecamp(LOL). What she doesn’t know about Business Analysis is not worth knowing. She held my hand all the way from joining a project to interview coaching. She is a priceless resource on CI. Also want to thank Sandra who was always willing and happy to answer countless questions and share her own experiences in spite of her already overloaded schedule. She is a fountain of knowledge and experience that is always with a smile and a cheerful voice.

Thanks Keji, for the awesome platform you have created. It’s just so amazing the amount of resources that you have managed to condense unto one platform. Hope to remain on the platform to keep learning and also give back. Would also like to remain anonymous for now.”


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