Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With One of UK’s Biggest Universities


Now check this out…

We host the DBT Awards each year to celebrate all those who secured life changing PM and BA secured jobs and rewards hard workers for excellence but something extraordinary always happens right after the awards and here we go….

Candidates who are yet to secure jobs are so fired up, especially those are nominated for an award.

I so want to share this person’s photo at the DBT Awards but I can’t just yet until she starts work in the new year

 Be inspired by her success story:

Hi went for an interview today for a BA role with one of the big UK universities in the Midlands, 1 hr after driving home, picked up a message from the recruitment agency that put me forward for the role, with very excellent feedback. That they were very impressed with my presentation and the interview and would like to offer me the job. I will get full confirmation and visibility hopefully by tomorrow and possible write a proper success story.

Just thought I should mention it to you quietly for now till i hear back regarding the offer. Thanks a lot

I believe, I held on to, a statement you made about people being nominated and possibly winning at the DBT awards ceremony, then getting jobs a few weeks following and its actually worked because I kept holding on to that.

Got the offer email now and an invitation for an away day to meet the team . Official start date Jan 2016.

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