Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With Barclays Using eWorkexperience


Some more good news Keji !
I joined DBT in Jan 2016. I believe it was the best decision and investment I made with regards my desired progress and ultimate goal.  Before my training had finished I was thrown into my first project at the deep end on CI X files under the disciplined leadership of the “smart one” as the PM. That is where I learnt that you don’t sleep to get what you want. I did numerous tasks there and was on the management team. I also took minutes for BMP, did a task on Eagle eye and some other projects DBT QA included. I am currently  working on the ES FBN app project. So those who I worked/work with will know me. I’m just anonymous cos of the organisation’s processing of docts at the moment. For the benefit of others I was not on the management team for other projects but I made sure I took up tasks so that I know what I’m doing. In summary like some  of us  I sent out Cv’s around April didn’t get calls got discouraged and was subsequently encouraged by my mentor Modupe Yusuff who made sure I set my goals, she took sessions regarding interviews and didn’t stop calling to monitor my progress. I am pleased to say that my experience here has paid off and coupled with prayers, some time out to prepare myself for interviews,  competency assessments and a face to face interview I have secured a BA role at an  organisation based in Canary wharf. Thanking the Lord for answered prayers,  thanking you for this platform Keji and the knowledge sharing. Thanking my amazing  team mates too many to mention, senior BA’s, programme office and so forth. An amazing thing about this platform is that I can still learn while settling in to my new role.


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