Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With Capita


So I went to see the new Terminator movie last Saturday and it was epic. I highly recommend it especially if you are a Terminator fan. You get to experience the first movie all over again but in a different light for the first 45mins.


Meanwhile, as we are preparing for our on-boarding to the Digital Marketing Institutes training platform for trainers, we can’t help but share yet another truly inspirational success story.

Capita can’t seem to have enough of our candidates. They are literally recruiting one of our guys almost every month now.

Check this out:

“PLEASE keep me anonymous
Hi Keji,
Here’s my success story.
My main aim of joining DBT was to develop my career further in Digital Media particularly within a Programme/Project Office environment.
I worked on iRobot, Matrix, Money Train, Moneyball Projects where I participated as either a team member or leading on some tasks, writing Reports as well as testing Applications. .
I have been exposed to cutting-edge tools offered by the Programme Office and I have had the opportunity of gaining continuous Professional development through training provided by the programme directors by Adore and Caroline and the senior BAs especially Olyne, Ola E, Eki & Vijay and also the Product Owner, Oyinua.
I have worked with a lot of brilliant minds on the Project that I have helped deployed and I would never forget this wonderful experience, people like Bolanle Abudu Olyne, Dan, Roger Taylor, Toyin A, Omobola, Jumoke, Eki, Ben, Otillia, Adesegun, Toyin, Ibby, Linda, Yemisi, Bolaji, Tunde, Chinwe and lots more.

I like to appreciate the support of the Administrative Office: Vivian, Ibi & Ibie for their kind assistance.
Warmest regards to all at DBT”


Whose next?

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