Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With JP MorganChase


IMG_6547This is what excitement feels like.

Another one of our candidates bags a big one.

He just secured a business analyst role with JP Morgan. Common!!! That’s what I am talking about. Delivering one of the very best skilled project managers and business analysts to major blue chip companies and the financial sector.

Rock and roll baby!!!

Was it easy? Nope!

Worth it?

Check out his success story:

Firstly i want to thank baba God, secondly  I want thank you keji for creating this wonderful platform. I have been offered a BA role with JP MORGAN. I joined career insights because I wanted to gain experience on business analysis. I started by writing minutes for margin call then progressed to writing reports. I later got a role of deputy BA lead on referral system 2. This role really helped me in my interview and I was able to talk about different kinds of testing I participated in as the role involves testing as well and they were impressed. I never lied when asked about things I didn’t know, I was honest but always made emphasis on willing to learn and develop myself. They told me they would get back to me in a week but to my surprise they called an hour later and offer me job. Once again thank you Keji and God bless.

image1 (3)The android app this candidate gained experience working on as a business analyst gave him the relevant skills and expertise required to secure his BA role with JP MorganChase. The app is the mass payment referral system called BankMyPals for Android (seen on the left). iOS is currently in development and we launched the android version this month. Check it out
He didn’t need to lie on his CV. All he had to do was demonstrate the skills and experience gained while working on the project.

There are loads of cowboy training companies out there faking up references and jeopardizing people’s future and possibly incriminating themselves.

We can’t get you a job in 2 weeks like others will promise you. We can’t perform miracles but what we can do is empower you with the relevant skills, expertise and experience required to secure a PM or BA role. You have the support a 2000+ ecosystem, the ability to work on live projects and most importantly the e-learning resource for you to polish up your skills as you learn on the job, coupled with personal mentoring.

When you are ready, we suggest 8 – 12 weeks of intensive practical work experience working on live projects, start applying for roles and be honest to your potential employers. Recruiters appreciate your honestly, your determination to further develop yourself and the ability to learn a great deal within a short space of time.

When they finally make you that long-anticipated offer, we will be there to back you up with the work reference required and you can do this with peace of mind, never having to look over your shoulder.

Join us and let’s make a success story out of you too.


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