Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With Medway Council


Here is my success story, I have already sent it to your whatsapp but Ibie said I need to send another one to your email.
Please I will like to remain anonymous.

Hi Keji
Here is my success story which I am very happy to share. First of all I want to start by giving thanks to almighty God for making it possible for me to finally get to write a success story.
I got an offer for the position of Business Analyst with Medway Council last week and I was asked to start immediately. I went for the interview a few weeks back, I did not get a job offer then but I was told that the interviewers were impressed with me and that they will keep me in mind if something comes up in the future.
About four weeks after, I got a call from the recruiter saying that the people from the council were asking for me and that if I was still available they would like to offer me a role as a BA. I was also told that I do not need to come for another interview because I have already been interviewed.

I joined DBT in June 2014, I got involved in few projects such as Money Train, Margin Call Skyfall, Transcend Big Brother, and Transcend App. I did not take up any lead role but I worked closely with the BA teams especially in Skyfall. I also joined the mentoring programme where I learned a lot from you and the other mentors.

I want to appreciate the good people I met through the DBT platform who have been great source of constant encouragement and support to me throughout the whole process, David, Zaid, Kayode , Olamide and Stella you guys are the best! and also my sister Lilian who told me about CI and encouraged me to go for the training.

May God continue to bless you Keji for the DBT/CI platform you created that enables people secure life changing jobs.

Thank you

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