Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role with Tearfund

Suprised cat


What an all inspiring story:

Hello Keji,

Please I would like to be anonymous on the group and I won’t want to disclose the name of the company.

The role and company is at the end of the message.

To God be the Glory.

I want to say a Big thank you for the platform you have created for us to gain work experience in order to enhance our skills and talent. Also, to network with great minds on the platform.

I joined Career Insights in February 2016.

Before coming on board, a colleague shared a testimony with me that 3 months after joining CI he got a job. So, he would recommend me to join and that the secret is to get my hands dirty early.

I enjoyed the training by Ayo Nunu and Ola, they were both fantastic. I initially felt that I would missed out, not having Keji as my facilitator but I didn’t actually. They both delivered well.
At the end of the training Ola advised that we should start getting our hands dirty immediately.
My first sponsor’s meeting was electric. I admired the way Keji spoke with such confidence. I said to myself that I must be able speak confidently like Keji.

After a while I started attending project meetings and got involved on projects such as WIN-Hunger games, BMP-IN house, CIA-Sherlock FBN.

Also, I had the opportunity to take a leadership role, as the BA business lead for CI-Fastball, when one of my friends was taken off the project. I actually learnt a lot within a short time, I guess because the team Fastball was actually fast indeed.
At a point, fastball was too fast and I was facing a lot of persecution from my family. They felt I had neglected them (I am such you know what I’m talking about). I had to lay low a bit but I was still learning and my deputy was really very helpful.

I would like to say a big thank you to my mentor Olyne Adetokunbo AKA Wonder Woman. I call her my mother, because of her sacrifice, encouragement and she believes so much in me. She actually made me believe in myself and she told me that I speak very confidently and I can actually get the job. She always has my time and we speak for hours over the phone and I learn a lot whenever we speak…especially about her work experience.

When I was applying for the role, she was with me from conceptualisation stage to testing stage because she left DBT before the go live stage of my success story.
But she encouraged me and told me that I was going to get the job.

I want to specially thank Eki Osehenye my DBT big Aunty, I can’t tell all that she has done for me. She prayed with me just before the second round of the interview and she was very supportive during the interview process.
My special thanks to Oludare Olorunfemi for his coaching on Excel, Shola Idowu for her coaching in Software testing. Emmanuel Adenuga for the software testing lessons as well.

The role is a System Business Analyst for Tearfund


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