Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role With Telco


Senior BA role secured with a Telco

Apologies this is coming after sometime…

I joined DBT in January 2016 having been referred by senior friends who have been a beneficiary (thats the reason I joined BMP – In House)

It became apparent i needed help when i attended interviews with high profile companies – HSBC, Ticketmaster etc and I was being turned down after 3rd or 4th stages. I needed to nail it. God answered when I met Tosin Ojajuni who reinforced the feedback i had gotten earlier from a colleague – basically, YOU NEED TO GO TO DBT and also that I should keep praying. God works guys.

I did eventually and saw some of my mistakes within Caroline’s first 2 hour lecture i attended. I started attending every meeting without participation but realized my wealth of knowledge is not being refined. I was adding but not giving back- you can’t fill a filled bottle. So i started asking questions – stupid ones and sensible ones, then I started participating in project tasks. I started seeing the changes.

I learnt a strategy from a session, submitting cv for at least 20 roles a day. I tried it, it didn’t work for me. Then a recruiter called and asked if i will like to be considered for a BA role – before nko, Default answer – YES.

After 2 interviews, the hiring manager made an offer on the spot and here I am today, sharing my story.

Thanks Keji for providing the platform, thanks to Olyne, my mentor – She is just awesome – created prep time for almost all interview, cv reviews, webinars and insightful materials on her channels, followed up feedbacks for every interviews etc, Tayo Richards for your advice and other mentor level individuals that took time to speak to me (Thanks keji for having these great people under one roof). Thanks to Caroline for the great teaching and the BMP – In house team who took time to answer my questions in love and care and trusted me on some deliverables.

My encouragement – speak to people for guidance, ask questions, try to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t like, there are somethings you don’t like about UK, but you are not running away, and there are people that don’t like you also, they have not killed you, at least you are alive to read this SS. DBT is a great place to be, the people, the structure, the projects, the leadership. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous is fine by me

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