Candidate Secures A Business Analyst Role Within the Public Sector


Just when you think the day is over, another one comes flying in….

Hi Boss,

I have got good news but will love to remain anonymous.

Here is my success story:

Hi Keji, I am very pleased to inform you that I have secured a Digital BA role with a public sector organisation. I really appreciate your vision and the opportunity you have given us to be partakers of this platform.

I joined DBT in October 2015 and attended the 1 week intensive training in London. Mind you I had to travel all the way from Scotland to do this. After the training it was more like, so what next. I was kinda every where and no where on basecamp attending multiple meetings at the same time. Once I was done watching all the videos, I selected a mentor who had no time for me at all. I was really upset about this and called the office and requested that I be deselected by that mentor. At that time I was skeptical about who I should select as a new mentor. So I read a couple of success stories where the name SANDRA was mentioned and how she had transformed their interview experiences.

So I went on to test Her by selecting her to see if she would contact me before I had to contact her. In less than an hour I got a text message from her saying she just noticed that I selected her as mentor and she would love to have a chat with me later that day. She WOWED me. And that evening we had a two hour conversation she reviewed my CV and prep me for an interview I had that week. I went for the interview and smashed it hands down. I was contacted by the agent the next day that I was successful eventually that role was cancelled. We were both disappointed but Sandra urged me not to give up. So so I continued and here we are again; on the day before the interview I was on the phone with Sandra till past midnight. The interview was meant to 2 phased I.e a telephone and a face to face one. To cut a very long story short, I was interviewed on phone for 30 minutes and an hour later the agent called to say I was successful and the client will would like to offer a 6 months contract. And they would love for me to start ASAP.

I would love to use this medium to appreciate God Almighty for ordering my steps to Career Insights and for using Sandra Iroka as an instrument for my success. Sandra I really appreciate your efforts and the genuine concerns you showed me. Remain blessed.

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