Candidate Secures A Business Analysts Role With One Of The Biggest Insurance Companies In Europe


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Hi Keji,

Can God? Yes, God CAN!!!

I have just secured an IT Business Analyst role with one of the biggest insurance companies in Europe. I am writing this story in tears, yes tears of joys as I had a lot of sorry you have not been successful for the role. I joined DBT in March 2015 and worked on several projects Transformers, Fast & Furious, CI Referral 2, BankMyPals, Persona Product Team, QA Team, CI Sherlock etc. In November when I started to apply, my mentor then was not reachable so missed out on a lot of interview preps and job opportunities.

I approached Adeshola Cole for guidance as we work for the same bank and she helped me a great deal. Adeshola you are a rare gem, very selfless and always willing to help people. You took me on your mentoring sessions for your mentees and that helped me a lot in my interviews. Thanks for everything sis most especially your genuine interest in my success.

I had gone for 4 interviews with my bank and they all said I passed however gave the job to someone already doing the role. Also had a lot of phone interviews which I always passed however they go quiet afterwards. I became discouraged however with the little hope, prayer and fasting I pushed through.

My new mentor Sandra became a sister and friend who pushed me so hard and sending resources to me as she is very experienced. She shared a lot of her current work scenarios with me and that helped me a great deal. Sandra is a different being entirely. Also selfless and unassuming, going beyond her mentoring duties to make sure I am ready for a success story. She responds to messages as soon as she could. Always apologetic if she responds late. She had sessions with me till early hours in the morning and she would still go to work the same day. Sometimes I felt bad and she tells me you must get a success story. We go over and over my presentations until she is satisfied. Very thorough mentor!

I applied around mid April and got a call from the agency next day that the recruiting manager was away so they kept calling me every week to make sure I was still available that they did not want to lose me. I went for the interview and blew them away. In the bid not to lose me they added another £3k to the maximum range for the job. They were more like scared i was going to turn them down as they have not adopted Agile Methodology and looking at my experience I may not be interested. I told them I am very
interested and asked me if I am happy to set it all up for them. This job comes with any training I recommend for myself to get the job done.

Thanks Keji for your firm and encouraging words on this platform to pull us through each phase. I have finally reached my stop on the moving train to exponential growth. And to everyone still waiting for their success story, pls if you can afford it pay for mentoring. It helped me a great great deal. And when it seems all hope is lost and feeling frustrated, don’t give up because it is evidence your success story is just around the corner and that is when GOD steps in.

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