Candidate Secures A Change Analyst Role With RBS


It’s time to celebrate yet again!

7 years in the banking sector and stuck unable to move up the career ladder until she came to Career Insights.

She came to Career Insights to gain practical work experience and finally secured a Senior Change Analyst role with UK’s leading high street bank.

Check out her success story in the photos attached.

Now she wants to be a mentor to others, paying it forward.

Join us this Saturday for a one to one session with seasoned candidates who used to be where you are and now a success story.

It’s totally free to attend our intro sessions and you can ask as many questions as you need to ask to help you up the PM and BA career ladder.

Check out her success story:

Hey Keji

It’s Adeshola, the PM for tech Phoenix
I guess this is the day of success stories
I have literally lost my voice screaming and will  be popping champagne tonight !!!!


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