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Dear Keji,
Hope u are well.

Am delighted to inform you that I have secured a new role in one of the top London firms (KPMG) as a deployment coordinator.

I original joined DBT in 2014 and finished my trainning by January 2015. I started of as a project coordinator on the halted Digi – Africa (Oleku Deals) and also actively followed a number of other projects. For someone with no prior background in project management, it was an amazing experience.

By July 2015, I secured my first role as a project coordinator, placed by Hays IT and working for a renowned IT infrastructure company in UK.

Just recently I grabbed the deal on the eWorkexperince platform, maximised it, chatted with some wonderful brains, and also using the DBT Alumni Chat forum. It didn’t take time to record another success story.

They will please be contacting you shortly for refrence.

Thank you very much indeed.

Kind regard


Names are covered for data protection reasons. Check the comments below for the screenshots.

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