Candidate Secures A Hybrid PM and BA Role


Did you know that if you are already working within the IT field, banking sector or a managerial role, you could gain enough experience to secure a project management or business analysis role in 12 weeks.

This is normally the case for our candidates who fall within this category, just like this candidate who just secured a hybrid PM and BA role.

Check out his success story:
Dear all,

Coming from an IT Management and Technical Infrastructure background my goal was to transition into a BA/PM. I am pleased to let you all know that I have just secured a BA/PM Infrastructure role for a major service provider. Thrilled! My thanks goes to the Mr Keji Giwa for this wonderful platform, admin staff, Caroline Aluko (PM Trainer) and Sandra E Malanda whom I interacted with briefly on base camp (33 messages between us from April 15 2016 to May 10 2016) with high impact. My co candidates, please keep the flag flying!



success story PM and BA


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