Candidate Secures A Project Manager Role

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Here is another one. It came in while we were having our Friday night drink ups, drinking one of the lovely whisky bottles a previous happy candidate sent it.

Check it out:

Hi Keji

My story is a funny one. People ask why are you in DBT because I have the necessary skills and experience. however I knew I had to be in this type of environment full of positive energy to boost my confidence which I lacked.

I joined in September and I was determined to have a success story in 2 months. I took on roles and just applied myself to the system. My mentor(Adeshola) is just amazing she encouraged me and put her stamp on my CV, my story. when she asked me to apply, the calls started flowing it like a river.

The Interview I went for was a short one 20 minutes ( i was scared of the length of interview time) , what amazed me more was the fact that I was introduced to my future colleagues to fully understand what they do in all I spent 40 minutes. travelling back home was quiet for me, I reflected on the interview session but was convinced I did my best.

the interviewer finally called back same day to say he was very impressed and would like to offer me the role. it was like a movie for me and I am so thankful to my Mentor for being soo positive and supportive, the energy she exerts alone drove me to this promise land.

just to state i still have an upcoming interview next week for another role…

Anonymous A

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