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Hi keji finally ohhhhhhhh got an offer as junior project manager with Travis Perkins waiting for the offer will come back to you shortly. Please keep me anonymous and thanks for DBT . Will write my story shortly.

I joined DBT January 2016 and did the one week intensive course completely new to the project management world. It was very hectic, but Caroline made it easy and I went for PMO after the training I joined Sherlock FBN as deputy PM. Then on to DigiAfric news app as PMO lead, and then Femi Adedoyin threw me in the deep end as PM for first bank app. I got connected with a fantastic human being Tayo Richards who has been an incredible blessing on this my journey. I have met wonderful people who have become family on this journey. Nda Sokomba, Ursula Baye, Babs Muse,Afam, and my entire FBN Sherlock team, igwe Chidi orisakwe and my DigiAfric family, we have learnt together and encouraged one another. Jide Adeoye my new mentor you are truly exceptional set up a webinar and walked me through my CV and I started to apply. Initially I applied for a PMO role and when I went for the second interview today was told I had much more to offer and was offered Junior Project Manager Role.

I give God all the glory.

Thank you Keji for the platform of DBT and all the pressure that comes with it, sleepless nights, interesting humans and all, I have been truly blessed.

Still here oh not going any where yet but I’m truly grateful.


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