Candidate Secures A Lead Business Analyst Role With Bournemouth Council


A success story everyday! Let’s get practical here. How do you go from being out of work for long to being a well paid Lead Business Analyst?

Most companies will not take a look at your CV if you have been out of work for more than 3-6 months, let alone a year or more but with Career Insights, it’s a whole different story.

When you come here, you are automatically hired by our parent company Digital Bananas Technology as soon as you complete our intensive training program with us.

You spend the next few months working on live innovative tech projects, using industry standard tools and taking advantage of our e-learning and personal mentoring program until you secure your first role.

On average, 8 – 12 weeks later, you should end up with a success story like the one below however if you haven’t secured a role within 12 weeks, keep working on those projects and gain the relevant work experience.

The best thing about DBT is this:

You could be among those ones who secure roles within 8-12 weeks but if you are not, even better.

Why may you ask?

The longer it takes, the more experienced you become and the months add up to increased value based on skills and expertise acquired. This equates to a more senior and higher paid role.

This candidate joined us in November 2014 and today, exactly 9 months later and 9 months of work experience as a business analyst, he finally secures a Lead Business Analyst role.

Be inspired!

Hi Keji hope u are well. I joined CI in November 2014. I already had years experience as a senior Test Analyst but found myself out of work for a long while, You encouraged me and I soon got knuckled down to one of the projects. To cut long story short I had an interview last Friday in Bournemouth with the council who are at the consultation stage of changing their case management system used by social services for adults and children. Ten minutes into the interview the two managers interviewing me excused themselves and came back shortly to offer me the job. By the following Monday they then told the agency that they would like me to be a Lead BA.

I would be starting this coming Monday 6july. So pls watch out for the reference from Hays I.T

Pls share to encourage others but will prefer my name to be anonymous for now
Thx Keji for this brilliant platform


Now it’s your turn:

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