Candidate Secures A Planning Assistant Role


Hi Keji, So I joined DBT in 2015 Nov . I wasn’t unemployed but wanted to progress career wise. I joined a few projects but was asked by a friend to join WIN – Hunger Games . This project is very engaging but has had its tough times. The tougher it became the more dedicated I was. I joined the minutes team, became the minutes lead then shortly after was encouraged by Anthonia big sis on the project to go for Project Coordinator. Which I did but still held on to my post as minutes lead. Getting your hands dirty is the key word and that I did and also encouraged others to do so too.
So I have gained more confidence and have been applying for project management roles in the company I work for . Unlike before I became more confident at interviews and was not telling the employers what I read about the job but what I know .

I had an interview on Monday for planning Assistant. I went for the interview and the interviewer was impressed but when I got to work on Thursday (yesterday) I saw on the Internet I was unsuccessful but because I had another job I had my eye on I wasn’t too bothered.

This evening (Friday) as I was leaving my house to visit a friend, I got a phone call from a number unknown to me. It was the person who interviewed me on Monday.
He asked ” has HR called you? ” No I replied but I checked the intranet and I know I was unsuccessful . ”

He said, “yes but……. I think I was too hasty at refusing you the job you had a great interview but I felt you were over qualified .”
If you would like to take up the post it is yours…….
😳😳😳 I said yes. He said he would speak to HR and get back to me. 10 minutes later he called to say the job is mine.
God is great!!! When he says yes it is yes. Thanks for the opportunity. I will still be an active member as I have a lot more to learn.

I would like to remain anonymous for now. But I guess my team member will know me already😃


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