Candidate Secures A PMO Analyst Role With DWP


Another reason to be inspired. Securing your first PM or BA role is a given but what sets us apart from everyone else is the rate at which our candidates secure new contract roles on completing their first one.

Check this out:


Hi Keji,

i hope this email meets you well. i am writing to give you a heads up with regards to a reference request from DWP/Capita with regards to a PMO role.

my name is Albert Adebajo, joined career insight in 2013 and worked on the following Event Horizon projects : Here’s my Card , Reach & Adcard. Afterwards i secured a PMO Analyst role with Capita Business services in January 2014. i have just finished with Capita Business development. i have now secured a new role with the Department of Works and Pensions as Senior PMO Hence this email to yourselves as DWP/Capita are asking for References dated back 3 years

i am hoping you will response as soon as possible once you have been contacted as i am needed to come on-board asap.

Thank you so much for the foundation you laid and for making so many peoples dream come to a reality.

many thanks

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