Candidate Secures A PMO Analyst Role With NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

“Start Your eWorkexperience this year and I promise we’ll celebrate your success story in 2016. ”

That was what I told her at the beginning of the year and now she is being celebrated just before the middle of the year.


Check it out:

My long awaited success story for you my mentor…. it was hard to cut the story short.

While taking a educational career break from working in NHS and contracting in telecoms, I attended the 2015 DBT Awards with my husband (your dear friend). I remember you told me “Start the training on Monday, I promise you, we will celebrate you in 2016”. You said those words so confidently, little did I know God had sanctioned it. So, I Started my training on Monday with DBT on 26th of October 2015. Following my training I immediately wanted to get my hands dirty and joined a total on x4 projects. CI-Phantom, CI-Referral System 3 and CI-Spectre and as time passed, in December 2015 I started My Lead Planner role on HT Focus project and joined DBT-Centre of Excellence Programme Office under the guidance of Funmi and Nda. While understanding and applying the valuable DBT framework on the projects I was working on, I was sent a particular contract role from my inlaw, the role I had been looking for. I said “Let me try”…. I told Ikenna to glance over my CV, I interviewed on the Thursday 1st week of Jan 2016 and started work the following week on Monday 11th of Jan 2016 as Project Coordinator for NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. As of 31st of March I am now the PMO Analyst on a rolling contract as part of their 5 year strategy. One advice I can give to anyone like me, is that, if you are not as confident as others or unsure about how you will apply yourself with the work experience here at DBT go ahead and apply for a supporting role in you field, in your background whatever it is you are used to, get used to the role and be sure it is right for you then, spread your wings and fly with the DBT transferable skills, knowledge and quality you possess. You will surely make it! Thank you Keji, thank you DBT family for the moral support too and thanks for all you continue to do keji. KEJI, the God that remembered me in your calling shall remember you all the days of your life. Anything you ask for today and always shall be granted onto you in Jesus name. Xx

Today, I turned 30 and I’m glad I’m successful in what I do… Roll on my 2016 SLK and Beyonce’s concert in june.. ‪#‎DBTRocks‬!!

Please keep me anonymous ohh


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