Candidate Secures A PMO-Business Analyst Role With Accenture

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Hi Keji,

Please I’d like to remain anonymous.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

I want to inform you that I have 2 contract offers from Accenture and Produban respectively and I will need your help with referencing. I haven’t decided which contract to go for- so I still need to go through the vetting process before making a decision.

I provided your detail as point of reference for the period I worked on project with DBT.

The period I need reference on is between (02/06/2014 – 28/11/2014) as PMO-Business Analyst

Thanks for your help and apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. The respective companies will contact you with my full name as

You can find my profile on Basecamp with (

Kind Regards,

P.S: I’d appreciate to be kept anonymous”


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