Candidate Secures A PMO Lead Role For Cushman & Wakefield


Hi Keji, guess you are well!!!Perhaps this is coming rather late but I wanted to be stable before I share my story because it was too good to be real!

I did my training in March 2014, after the training I travelled out of the country for a while, came back almost confused as I had almost forgotten all what I learnt.

The only thing that was stuck with me, was GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY……..! But how? So I joined Exodus, Money train, and Oleku deals before I was headhunted into the PO as programme co-ordinator. I GOT MY HANDS REALLY DIRTY!!! got a rapid promotion to PMO Analyst, deputy PO lead, and then to the PO lead. Thanks to Maria, shola , Chinyere, Femi, the entire DBT programme office team, and the ES Programe office team they all helped honed my PMO skills.
Back to my story………On the 14th of Jan 2016 I got a call from an agent for an interview with a client , could not make it cos I was Ireland, got another call to ask if I could make the next day, I said yes but late afternoon, i did not receive any confirmation, so I assumed they were not serious, at 4pm on the day of the supposed interview they called again asking that I should be in central London by 5:30pm, that was obviously not possible as a was still in Ireland…… !

IMG_0660Miraculously, they called at 5:45 on the same day that I should start work on Monday 18th…… As a PMO Lead!!!……..! No Interview…. No Assessment………

It was like a dream, as such I could not sleep till I got to office on Monday and confirmed it was real………., It was just GOD and God all through plus a bit of hard work in getting my hands dirty.

I used DBT for reference but up till now, they have not requested for reference…………

And yes it was Just DBT…….lol.

(Hope they will come someday….) but even if they don’t I am still holding DBT’s flag high as it is a rolling contract.
Just want to thank you Keji for this wonderful initiative /model, May god continue to bless you with Knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Caroline and Adore for the support, top of the class training and encouragement.

Special counsel to all candidates………. DBT is real…..!!!! GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY!!! I used to hate minutes taking……hnmmm Guess what? That was my first task, even as a PMO lead. Pls! Pls!! Pls!!! GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY! That is the easiest way to get to the top.  I hope to share more of my experience in the coming weeks, but I wish to still remain anonymous for now.
Once more, thank you Keji!!! Your Champaign is on its way…….lol.   Mr A…….

This is XXXXXX, the ES Progrmme office Lead ………..!  Pls i still want to keep my name out for now ! as the project i am working on is a sensitive one. Thanks

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