Candidate Secures A PMO Role


I am really bad at narratives, so pls bear with me. So here goes, I joined DBT Feb 2015. By then I was about 2months pregnant. I joined because I wanted a career change, I knew what I was on as a call handler for the NHS 111 service wasn’t going to help my family get where we plan to be. So I took 1 week off from work and attended the 5 days training. During the training it felt like Keji was speaking Spanish to be honest. I understood some but didn’t get some. But I was determined. During the training I joined various projects and applied for roles as minutes taker. I was the minute taker for 3 different projects for a few months. Did I also mention all this while I was working nights. So most times I’ll be on my way to work in the bus and I’ll be taking minutes. Working nights also made things difficult cos most meetings were held in the night but I held on. I attended as much as I could. Sometimes listening in whilst I was at work or on my breaks at work. I also took on more duties as reports writer on 2 projects. Then pregnancy sickness came on. I couldn’t eat or drink. I was severely dehydrated admitted 3 times and put on drip. All my veins had collapsed. My iron was also severely low and I was constantly tired and throwing up. But I still attended meetings. During this period on the EH – unstoppable project, I was the Planner and also deputy PMO. I was also involved in the BA side of things. Long story short, it got to a point I had to step down cos I couldn’t continue anymore due to sickness. I had my baby in October and I joined projects again in January, though I didn’t commit to anything just listened in to get my groove back 😅. Then in Febuary I joined X-files under the able leadership of Jide Adeoye and my wonderful team mates and friends. And I must say I learnt a lot. I joined X-files, thanks to Ola 😂. I messaged her that I wanted a deputy BA role. She called me and did a mini interview of which I talked myself out of the role but she told me that the fact that I was interested meant I was willing to work and I encouraged me to give it a go and I must say I joined the best team ever. I learnt the basics of how projects work. Then I watched all my videos and chose my mentor – one and only mama Hawk. She advised me on the way forward. Answered all my questions, was literally a shoulder to cry on. So I started applying for roles thinking after my maternity period I’ll jump back into work. Well, it didn’t work that way. My employement with the NHS was terminated due to my visa not being renewed on time. Things were tight and I became more desperate. I was applying for PSO roles and 2 different companies said I was too experienced for the role. Then I decided to start applying for PMO roles. Which meant extra studying, more questions thrown at Adeshola which she was always available to answer. Even the PMO roles, the companies I interviews with would say I was experienced but still lacked in one area or the other. Then I started seeking other people out. I mean I had loads of help from people on this platform. All I can say is ask, ask and ask. If someone doesn’t answer , someone else will. I had Kelechi, David, Esther, Brenda, Marufah, Amanda, Vijay, Mojishola, Elizabeth. All these people helped me by answering any questions I had. Then for interview prep, I had people from Adeshola’s mentoring group Kemi, Kayode and Njagga – amazing people 👌🏾👌🏾🔥🔥 . Then my unofficial mentor, our one and only Micheal Jackson🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾. I don’t even know where to start from, he would call me, advice me, grill me with interview questions then advice me on how to answer them even though he was busy himself. All I can say is God will bless you all abundantly. God showed himself immensely. After I got my letter of dismissal from work whilst on maternity, things became tight and we decided that the best thing would be for us to move out of London to live in Stoke which was cheaper in terms of housing. It was the final week for us to move, we had put down deposit for the house we wanted, I went furniture shopping with my hubby. Then we decided to wait till the following Monday before we paid for the furniture. Well that week I had 4 interviews booked over Wednesday Thursday and Friday. I attended the first 2 and I got the job offers on Thursday. I mean after months of searching, having paid down deposit on the house outside London I get 2 job offers. If that isn’t God, I don’t what is.
All I can say is Keji, thank you and God bless for creating this platform. Even when people said it was a scam, I didn’t listen because I did the training and felt if I put in the hard work I would be able to achieve my goal which I did.
Adeshola, thank you soooo much for everything. For the late nights, for listening to me cry. God bless
X – Files and ES – Bank App team, you rock.
Unofficial mentor, Micheal Jackson- enough said. May all your heart desires be fulfilled in Jesus name.
To those not mentioned, I’m sorry. Thank you all 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


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