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She was and she has a success story to show for it:

Hi Keji,

Here is my success story! I joined DBT in December 2015 and after my weeks training I spent the next week watching Videos and trying to understand how the DBT ecosystems worked and just before Christmas got my first Task..minute taking for Sherlock! Thanks Chidi for my first opportunity.

I got my hands dirty and worked on a number of projects and was fortunate to get a role in Programme Office in March, which even push me further!

I gave myself a goal when I started that I would have my success story within four to five months and with this in mind I pushed myself and started applying at the end of March. By the end of the month I had my first interview with a top 10 Pharmaceutical company. Did not get the role however the feedback was great.. “Candidate has a strong Digital background and would encourage to look out for roles within the business”!

Dusted myself and started to apply for permanent roles and never kept my eye off my learning progress, I continued to work very hard on the DBT ecosystem.

Last week I decided to use Job boards and apply for as many jobs as possible…well the ones that match my skills! Did this for two days and by Wednesday the calls started to come in and was put forward for three jobs by Friday. On Monday this week, one of the agencies called me to give me the good news that I was selected for an interview however the interview was the next day!! I had no time to mentally prep for the interview, I just had enough time to get may nails and hair done and squeezed in shopping for a killer suit and shoes! Lol!

On a serious note, I was offered the job the very next day! Yes first impressions counts but I was determined to wow the interviewers with what I had learned on the platform, my killer suit and polish nails would not have got me the job alone! We have all the resources on this platform that we need, we have knowledgeable people around us, talk to people, bounce ideas and you will be amazed on how your confidence will grow! I used my mentor, she is a PMO Champion and she is amazingly knowledgeable and she truly inspired me, just wanted to know everything she knew…thank you Tayo Richards for your support and direction!! You rock x
And thank you to everyone on the platform for all your support and the knowledge that you shared with me. God Bless you all and your success story is round the corner, claim it! IJN

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