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Hello Keji
I am really excited about sharing my success story to inspire others not to give up because their individual success story is on the way. Please keep me anonymous because I am currently going through my security clearance. I have been offered a 6 months rolling contract as a Programme Support Officer.
I joined DBT in February 2015 having finally decided it was time to change career into project management. I had passed my Prince 2 Practitioner in 2013 but wasn’t confident about what I had learnt and this is why DBT is such a fantastic platform. It gave me the real life experience I needed to build my confidence and reinforce what I had learnt.
I worked on different projects starting as a project coordinator on CI-The Equaliser project where I learnt a lot from PM Debbie, PMO lead Beatrice as well as the other Equaliser Alumni crew -Oluyinka, Ola, Vwarhe, Maria, Hetty, Tayo, Tutu, Toyin, Seun etc.
My next role was PM for Transcend Cartoon which was a fantastic opportunity to work with a variety of people -Luckman, Chris A, Emma, Chinwe, Kayode, Perpetual, Devine, Josiah, Oluwatobi, Oluwatoyin, Oludiyi, Kingsley, Seun, Rotimi, Claire to name a few.
My most recent assignment was working with the awesome ES Social Media Strategy team -Olive, Rotimi, Brenda, Jummy, Caroline, Sarah and our Programme Manager Femi.
The mentoring platform is priceless and I cannot thank my mentor Adeshola enough for her support and guidance through the process of cv review to interview prep. She is a super star superwoman and I admire how she is able to juggle work, family and her mentees!
The beauty of DBT Eco system is the opportunity to bond with like minded people and my story will not be complete without mentioning Tayo I, Uchenna, Glory, Theresa, Gee and Henrietta -you guys rock!
I attended lots of interviews and had my bouts of being discouraged but I had to keep going. We need to keep getting our hands dirty, getting involved in DBT projects. Even though I am PM biased, I remembered Keji’s advice about learning BA stuff so I joined the BA team for ES Social Media Strategy. Coincidentally, the job description for my role was looking for someone with knowledge of Agile, Jira, Kanban boards and I was able to talk about my DBT experience.
It has taken 14 months to get my success story and I thank God for his blessing. My guiding scripture through this journey has been Ecclesiastes 9:11 “..The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favour to the learned; but Time and chance happens to them all.”

Keji, thank you for creating this platform. God bless you.


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