Candidate Secures A Programme Support Officer Role


What if this was your story below?

Mama Hawk, one of our top mentors has done it yet again.

Since we launched our new eWorkexperience platform, we have seen a dramatic increase in job offers and our mentoring program haves never been better.

Even on a Sunday while relaxing I still get messages like these:

Hi Keji

I have been offered a 6 months rolling contract as a programme support officer

I have used DBT as reference so my recruiter will be contacting the office next week

Pls confirm you got my message so I can send in my success story

I would to be remain anonymous because I’m going through my security clearance at the moment

My mentor is Adeshola


The truth is, you’ve got a lot of cowboys out there, who are out to get your hard earned cash and see what we do as a money making venture while losing sight of what really matters….. Success stories.

They sell you a promise of a dream job and charge really cheap prices just to get your money however they don’t deliver and in most cases, you end up back with us.

We are not cheap for a reason and that’s because it cost money to create an environment that allows you to flourish and gain the practical work experience required to secure a PM or BA role paying up to £11,000 a month.

These cowboys record videos of themselves in nice suits and tell you to attend a free session to get you hooked.

Well this is what we think of them and you should too:


We invite you to investigate and do your research on us. Come and see for yourself.

We even allow you to have full access to our eWorkexperience platform so you can start benefiting from us right away.

One thing we can promise you is this, if you put in the work we will provide you with the training, work experience, mentoring and job reference to start earning up to £11,000 as a PM or BA contractor just as we have done for over 3,000+ candidates to date.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it out FREE:

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