August 2014: Candidate Secures A Project Administrator Role With Drake Direct

drake_logoDear Keji,

I started with DBT in December 2012. I was really involved and always listened to what you kept telling us ” please get your hands dirty. “
I worked as a PMO analyst and I was willing to learn before applying for any jobs .
From June 2013, I took a break. I went to do others stuffs but was always in touch with differents online meetings. When I started applying around April 2014 for differents positions. I was getting interviews but no jobs. I knew I have to  work hard for that .
Last Tuesday,  they called me for a position as Administrator and also project manager . I went to the interview . They asked me a lot of questions related to our project Event Horizon. I talked about how I was working with the PM, logging issues and updtating the risk register, also updtating the project plan.
The board was pleased with me and the same day , they called me and they offered me the position.
God is good and Keji , you are such a blessing for a lot of people in the UK.
I will recommend DBT to everyone . Go there, be involved in your project. Get your hands dirty. Trust me not only you will learn to develop project management skills but you will also learn how a idea can become a great idea and then a business idea.
Thank you Keji. You are the best and the best is yet to come in Jesus’ name.
( please don’t mention my name lol)

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