Candidate Secures A Project Coordinator Role With NHS England


When you start to realise that it’s your right to control what’s yours…. Your destiny,

then miracles start to happen.


Make 2016 your year of exponential growth like this candidate has just done in the first week of January 2016:



Kejiiiiiii I have success story ohh
I have secured my contract role as a Project Coordinator for NHS England – Health Education England project working with Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group!

Exactly the job I wanted and along the lines of my work history…

I’m sooooo excited!!!
Starting Monday @ 9am sharpish.
I’m so grateful and glad I joined the platform. I have learnt so much and I will continue to learn… My God is a Good God…..

You professed that I will be celebrated this year and here it is..

I’m still in shock small small

I’m learning still so I will continue in my role as Deputy Lead Planner @ HT Focus & up and coming PMO Analyst in the programme office. Loving and learning in those positions daily.

When I’ll fulfilled my roles and stronger in my positions I hope to become a mentor ohh


It’s time you stop questioning wondering if it’s possible for you and start asking why not you too.

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