Candidate Secures A Project Coordinator Role With The Prince’s Trust


When they say you can’t, just show them you can through your success story, don’t waste your energy trying to convince them with words.

You can period!

For those who are serious about moving up the career ladder, we are here to let you know we came 110% equipped to help you succeed just like we did it for her.

Hi Keji,

So I’ve got a success story to share with you. I joined DBT in September 2015 and the week long training was brilliant. After the training, I joined a couple of meetings initially just to get a feel and decide on the projects I would love to join. To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the many projects and found it difficult in the first week on how to proceed.

Thankfully, my training group was a life saver as we all promised to encourage and support one another. I realised that we were all in the same position and I wasn’t alone. I joined a couple of Projects namely Matrix 2 and Transcend. I volunteered to write meeting minutes and a couple of reports. I wanted to do it all. I particularly liked Progress and Checkpoint reports.

I attended a lot of mentoring sessions and Sponsors meeting. I just wanted to learn as much as possible. I would listen in to group presentations and learn from what they did well and also lessons on how to improve from the feedback given. Transcend and CI Matrix 2 were halted and I had to find other projects.

I was appointed Planners lead on CI Empire and Onboarding coordinator on Win Hunger games. Unfortunatley, CI Empire too was halted and I was disheartened. When it was time to choose a mentor, I chose Adeshola Cole. She was of great help and guided me with my CV. She provided so much information and tips on interviews – and of course, her mentoring sessions were brilliant! I attended Rotimi Ige’s and Tayo’s sessions too.

I started applying in November and I didn’t even get a single phone call for over a month. The new year came and a couple of calls came in but no interviews. Adeshola kept encouraging me and others to keep going. I continued to attend mentoring sessions, I even started attending BA meetings too knowing that I needed to learn more skills more than just writing reports.

Again, a few telephone interviews and no face to face interview. I knew I was ready but needed to be in a position where I can really prove myself. I had no job and no money coming in. I moved back to the UK June 2015 after having moved to Nigeria a few years earlier. My last 3 years experience were in Nigeria and I’m sure that was partly the reason Agencies weren’t taking a gamble on me. After a frustrated few months to the new year, I decide to look into volunteering.

I applied with The Prince’s Trust in April with the Learning and a development team as a project coordinator. I was told I had to commit for a minimum of 3 months. I figure I had nothing to lose and went for it.

I only go in twice a week but I made sure that my presence was felt. Two months in and I discussed with a colleague about liking the company and that I would like if an opportunity came up. She advised that internal vacancies come up from time to time and I should go for it when I see one that I liked. That week, I looked online and saw a Project coordinator role. I applied on deadline day and got a call on the following Monday to come in for an interview.

I went in fully prepared. I was familiar with the organisation and the role. I believe my passion showed as I could see even in the interview that I got their attention. I was called by the head of department who wasn’t even present at the interview but said the 2 ladies who interviewed me said I was the best candidate, and that she trusts their judgment. I was offered the role. I’ll be the first project coordinator with the team but I’m sure I’ll be just fine. I’ve learnt a lot from my volunteering role and of course DBT. I look forward to sharing more success stories with you on my way to conquering the project world.

I would like to thank you, Keji, for this wonderful platform. I would like to thank the wonderful friends I made during training, who till this day remain friends – Tobore, Roger, Linda, Onome, Lawrence Fatona and all that have supported this journey – Yemisi Olukoya, Didi, Emanuel Ogini, Princewill, Maria, Fola, Nda, Oludare for the wonderful excel trainings and lots more.

I want to urge you all to continue to believe in yourselves and that you

r success stories is just around the corner. Keep learning. Take time out to prepare for interviews even when you don’t have one lined up just yet. Practice makes perfect.


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